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Ruth always wanted to pee in a cardboard model of a ghost town. Where is the tumbleweed?!
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Mar. 18th, 2007

Salty sand! We're on a 100 mile stretch of highway through the Great Salt desert with no civilization until Nevada. Ruth and I are Team Prius again today because we extroverts get recharged by company and many stops to take pictures, and James is plowing along behind us in the truck since he hates to stop and gets more energy when he's alone. An arrangement that works for all of us!
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what a difference some sleep makes

Last night I knew what we all needed was a bit of comfortable sleep, so I sprung for a second hotel room so we each could have a bit more space. I got eight and a half hours of sleep last night. What a difference! I woke up in a fantastic mood. Maybe I can drive to San Jose today after all...

At the very least we hope to make it into California today, because Monday they have to go apartment hunting and sign a lease somewhere. And then hire somebody to help unpack the truck, cause there ain't no way the three of us are doing it ourselves. And I kind of have to be back "at" work on Monday.

Christina got a flight out of Salt Lake, so she'll be going over to the airport at some point this morning. I'm headed down to eat and have some coffee. Let's see which continents are represented at this hotel's breakfast.

won't you take me to mormon-town?

Wyoming was the first interesting-looking state so far on this trek. Wyoming was interesting, but Utah is gorgeous. I'll probably dump out my camera and post pictures tomorrow morning after I've slept.

I was finally able to locate a copy of "The Next Exit" at the truckstop where we ate dinner. Ruthie had a lot of mashed potatoes, as you saw. They settle her stomach; she's been feeling carsick.

We backtracked to Salt Lake City after having passed it by, because it was either that or press on another hour and a half to Nevada, and we were kind of running ragged after two very long days of driving. Also, Christina is missing one of her crucial medications and is feeling quite sick from the withdrawal (they can't get the prescription sent to her at a Utah Walgreens or something, because of the nature of the prescription), and she wants to go home. So she's trying to find an earlier flight home out of SL International.

So I'll probably drive the truck all day tomorrow, while James stays back with Christina and takes her to the airport and catches up later, assuming she can get tickets out of town. We were hoping to arrive in San Jose tomorrow night, and while this is possible, it's not probable considering I just cannot drive for 9 hours -- let alone in a truck -- and Ruth has been so queasy anyway and needs to stop often just to keep her stomach from inverting. So I really doubt we'll hit San Jose tomorrow.

I'm out of music on my iPod. I know you can't really say that when you have a thousand songs on it, but nothing I really want to listen to on 9 hours of travel tomorrow. I think it was playing my Music Man soundtrack out of desperation today that caused me to nearly fall asleep at the wheel. :-p (I think I'll consult the seekrit repository of music that a friend owns to at least get some new stuff overnight...)

Highlight of the day was that I got to select the hotel and I picked the one with the indoor pool. (I still remember how to swim!) And I got back upstairs after swimming and dressed before Ruth was ready to go downstairs to swim, so I went back down in my street clothes so she wouldn't have to be there by herself. Opened the door just in time to see some silly girl go in for a cannonball dive. I got completely soaked. I laughed it off -- there's nothing else you can do in that situation.

I miss everybody. <3
The river is too deep to ford. Way to be a moron.
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Ruth the naturalist: I'm almost positive those bison are not. You can tell because they're not in a line snapping. Carrie the gullible: Are you serious?
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