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California at last

Holy cow, we did it. We made it to Sacramento. It's 1:21 am Central time? Crazy.

We stopped in Sparks, NV (neighboring to Reno) for dinner. Ruth had more mashed potatoes at Applebee's. At this point, I was in a good mood and ready to push on to the Bay Area if James could hack it in the truck.

And then we hit the border.

And realized we forgot about a little thing called the Sierra Nevada. After banking downhill in the dark in narrow lanes for about 20-30 minutes, I realized I was going to have a panic attack. We pulled over in Truckee, which is just north of Lake Tahoe. The one hotel there had a big sign saying NO PETS ALLOWED. We reviewed the magic Road Trip Guide and found nothing between there and Sacramento. So I took an anti-anxiety pill, passed Ruth the keys, and passed out in the passenger's seat while she drove us the rest of the way here.

Oh yes, and Jack was howling the whole time. Two hours of cat yowling while banking 5-6% downgrades on a dark road -- Ruth was quite stressed at this.

But we made it! We're all lying on our beds watching TV. I have coffee. The cats are free to sniff and explore. We'll probably sleep in tomorrow. And then...they go apartment hunting, and I find a nice place with free wireless to get some work done. (I am extremely tempted to find some long-range public transportation and show up at the 6a office!)

But for now...the sleep. It's good to be back in California. I ran my fingers through the tall thick grass outside to make sure it was real. It was.


Mar. 19th, 2007 11:19 am (UTC)


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